Lisa lives mainly in hardcore Provence, high in the hills behind Cannes, where wild boar are more common than celebrity bores. Lisa also lives in London and Liguria and is deeply attached to Italy, her first love, even if she escaped the surreal world of Italian television long ago. When not hobnobbing with the olive-nibbling classes, she can be spotted on a tall ship in the Caribbean, truffling with hounds in Piedmont, or infiltrating the Sicilian Mafia.

Whether partying in West Hollywood or down a filmic alley for Scandinavian Noir, it’s all about the story. No, her family doesn’t believe her either. But as a travel-writer born with no sense of direction, Lisa could equally well be lost in Timbuktu.

Individual voices are increasingly rare in journalism, whether in travel, lifestyle or the arts. In-depth travel-writing is in decline. Travel-writers feel compelled to spin tall tales and top ten lists. Lisa can do top ten lists in her sleep but so can an illiterate ten-year-old. Irreverent but opinionated, Lisa can go from funny to furious in 60 seconds, while never forgetting that it’s all about the story.

Passionate about travel, culture and literature, Lisa wants fine writing to be as respected as fine wine. Read her first blog to see what she means. Here’s the pitch: give her a thought-provoking column, book deal or travel talk. If it doesn’t engage your audience, she’ll eat her Panama hat.

Lisa has been a television producer in Rome, a language teacher in London, a lecturer in Florence and director of studies of management training institutes in Brussels and Paris. But she’s always been a writer and editor, first in educational publishing and then in journalism.

It’s an eclectic, award-winning range, spanning travel, cruise, heritage, fashion, food, literature and the arts. For more on Lisa’s writing, see Journalism, Books and her provocative blog, Never Trust a Travel Writer.

Lisa is also in demand as a lecturer, with cultural talks her forte. As a commentator on Italian affairs, Lisa has appeared on networks such as Travel Channel and Channel 5. Lisa is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.